Augmented Reality Pioneer

The Wonder Team has fun with augmented reality, an exciting technology that allows virtual 3D elements to be superimposed instantly in a real environment.

Discover the Wonder Story

Wonder Story

Wonder Partners is a successul startup launched on 2018 by Patrick Glück and Alexis Thomas to support companies in their digital transition and bring them augmented reality advantages in their business.

More about the Wonder Team

Wonder Team

Our team is composed by designers, modelers, product managers and developers - all Unity certified and augmented reality experts. We provide all the skills and passion for your digital project.

Everything to know about the wonder partners company technology

Wonder Tech

Technology is our spearhead!
We are able to deliver your own application to you on stores or bring augmented reality directly on your website using web AR, always adapted to your activity needs.

Wonder Academy, our modeling studio.

Wonder Academy

Augmented reality is mainly based on modeled and animated elements in 3D that fit into our real environment. That's the reason why we have our own modeling studio in Casablanca, Morocco : W-Academy.

Wonder Partners introduce to you many of his partners.

Wonder Projects

We are proud to work with partners like Carrefour - the 6th retail world leader, Renault and Nissan, Kinder Chocolate, Casino, System U and others whose decided to trust Wonder Partners company.

Our favorite quote by Steeve Jobs.

Wonder Quote

"The doers are the major thinkers. The people that really create the things that change this industry are both the thinker and doer in one person."

Steve Jobs

Carrefour Toys AR

Wonder Partners and Carrefour are revolutionizing the traditional toy catalog together by bringing each character to life using augmented reality. Renewed success in 2020…

Ma Foire aux Vins - Carrefour

Wonder Partners builds the Wine Fair event app and sublimates it with augmented reality for the delight of all wine amateurs. App available on Google Play and App Store.

Wonder Coloring

Wonder Partners focus on the most popular creative activity our children do: coloring! With the scan of each coloring, the universe comes to life with the colors chosen and applied by the child.

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